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ABOUT PreachGirl!


The PreachGirl! movement was birthed to empower, educate and engage women in ministry, business and leadership to carry out the plans and purpose God has ordained for each of us. We promise a life-changing encounter with Christ, cultivation of confidence, and a strong sense of community with like-minded women. We focus keenly on ministry, personal and business development and are highly geared toward empowering our community of women with the spiritual impartation, natural skills and resources needed to succeed in their respective areas of ministry, business, vision-pursuit, and leadership.  



Motivating through spiritual empowerment and facilitating an unforgettable God encounter. Our top priority is to lay the foundation of who we are as followers of Christ and what He has empowered us to do by His Spirit. 


Providing tools for theoretical and practical learning focused on ministry, personal and business development. 



Harnessing the power of unity among like-minded women to advance Kingdom in the ministry and marketplace. 

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